Happy Birthday

On September the 28th the Hamilton “Y” Handball Club had a fun doubles handball day to wish a belated happy birthday to our own Zoly Motoz. His birthday was in August, but there were conflicting dates – like three wall tournaments, so September. The hardest part was keeping it a surprise until the day, but we somehow managed it. Adam and Lila Johnston put the day together for Granddad.


It was a mix and match day (old –er and young) and was nothing but a lot of fun. I got to be a right court spectator to the seemingly inexhaustible Art Avalos energy, except when the shot went past him, then that was my shot. The best match was Adam and Zoly versus Fernado Burgos and Frank Shimoda. Now Zoly is eighty and Frank believes that age is just a number and his is unlisted, but close evened out the pairing. Zoly and Frank were getting in each other’s way trying to stay out of the way of Adam and Fernando.


There was a light lunch with a presentation of a monogrammed jacket. The day also raised $400.00 for the “Y”’s Strong Kids Program. All-in-all it was a super day with absolutely no losers only winners