A Thank you

Dear everyone who contributed,
I’m sure you know that on December 26th of this year, my brother and I will be attending the USHA Junior nationals in Tucson, Arizona.
I, Alam Burgos would like to thank you all on behalf of my dad, my little brother, myself, and the rest of our family for your donation. Large or small, your donation, your time, and your effort to make my brother and I better players has been greatly appreciated.
Now, I would for you to know what it is you have really done for my brother and I.
With your donation you have not only helped us attend a national tournament, but you’ve aloud for an opportunity to be reunited with a couple of great friends from Quebec and Newfoundland. Also, you’ve given us the chance to get away (and get out of this freezing cold) and see a new part of the US.
My family and I are immensely grateful for everything. My brother and I will go, play hard and hopefully bring back a few titles to make you proud.
Alam Burgos