CHA Not for Profit Status

Good day, the CHA continues down the long path of getting to the new Not for Profit template mandated by the federal government. We have until October 2014 to complete all of the steps and paperwork and with your help, we should be able to achieve this goal and retain our status as a Not for Profit sport organization. We have engaged a Sports Consultant to assist with the changes and this has been quite helpful ( For in depth information about the changes visit:


The CHA Executive including the provincial representatives will have to vote on two sets of by-laws. The first set of by-laws is mainly to change who is considered to be a member of the CHA. The first set of by-laws will make the provincial representatives CHA members rather than each player. Players in each province will become registrants of the CHA and will be represented within the CHA by their provincial representative. The second set of by-laws will be voted on sometime after May and will bring in all of the new items mandated by the federal government. We are including attachments of both sets of by-laws. Players with questions or concerns can contact Mike Wilson at


The CHA is one of a few sport organizations whose by-laws are quite outdated and that is one of the reasons the government is having every “federally-incorporated” sport organization go through this exercise. Brian and I feel it is important to let the players know of these changes. Due to lack of attendance at the AGM each year (last year no one attended) we did not want to use that forum to get this information out there. As the CHA does not have any method of reaching out to to every player, we are asking the provinces to distribute this information and requesting a response from the players regarding accepting the first set of by-laws. They can send their vote, yeah or nay to The more responses we get the better. We would appreciate your help in getting this information out as soon as possible. We are aiming to gather responses by May 9th.


I would ask that you copy me on your email to your players so I know it has been sent.
Thank you very much


CHA Bylaws NFP Step 1Final

CHA Bylaws NFP Step 2 Final


2014 Ontario Singles are just around the corner!

Finally starting to warm up around here. No excuses now. Fill out your entry for the 2014 Ontario Singles!

Deadline is fast approaching April 28th, 2014

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33rd Annual 2014 CAN-AM Handball Doubles Tournament

If you are itching for some more ball, check out the Buffalo tourny in March.


Click here for the entry form and details.

Ontario Doubles 2014

On Saturday January 25th the OHA hosted its annual Provincial Doubles Tournament. Our draw consisted of a large Open/Masters division, round robin B, drop-down C and Golden Masters. With some exciting matches throughout the day, and many tiebreakers! Peter Service & Lindsay Hall took the title of Open Provincial Champions over Ryan and Fred Bowler in a thrilling 11-10 tiebreaker! In the Open/Masters Consolation, the Alteri Brothers were able to overcome the force of Will Homolka and Jordan Fromstein. In the B final, it was Art and Chris Avalos over Adam Johnston and Jenine Wilson in a close tiebreaker of 11-9. In our C division, Steve and Jana Rennie took the crown in yet another tiebreaker against Al Campbell and Zolton Motoz. Nothing like a tie-breaker in the Golden Masters final to welcome back Mike Wilson after being away from the tournament scene for a while…..he and Harry Cowie lost to Ivan Elliott and Brian Goto 11-10.


Thank you to Matt Philips and the Publican House Brewery for their support and contribution to our prizes.


Please mark your calendars for the annual Provincial Singles Tournament on Saturday May 3rd…..we look forward to another great event!


Thank you to everyone who came out to play and support the event. On behalf of the OHA, we really appreciate the on-going participation and enthusiasm.

Horseshoe 2013

The numbers may not have been what Adam Johnston was hoping for, but the handball was great. Once again David Wells is the farthest traveled, coming from Fargo North Dakota, Zoly Motoz our most senior.
Ryan bowler was in California at the Simple Green U.S. Open for a reality check, so the question still remains, who is the king of the castle in Ontario? John Audet was impressive with the slam in the open singles and doubles. He did not have to play a tie-breaker until the doubles final.


In the singles Peter Service gave John a run for his money with scores of fifteen and eighteen. While in the Open Doubles it was an all Niagara Peninsula final with John Audet and Wally Oprezdek against Mark Polgrabia and Ryan Elliott in a great display of handball, a win here for Ryan and he would have been the one with the slam as he was the champion in the B/C event.


Hamilton’s Nasim Bajwa was disappointed by Buffalo’s Sal LiPuma in the master’s singles, coming up just short on a tough two game match.


In the sixty plus final travel did not hurt David Wells as he came out ahead, defeating Ivan Elliott in an 11-6 tie-breaker. While in the seventy plus singles George McQuillen of Toronto defeated Pat Murphy of Fort Wayne Indiana.


In the Masters Doubles Nasim paired with Curtis Crocker to eke out an 11-4 tie breaker over the Buffalo/Kitchener pair of Sal LiPuma and Rick Jackiw.


In the seventy plus doubles Pat Murphy teamed with Fenton Michigan’s Dave Dodds to deny Hamilton’s Dave Forbes and Zoly Motoz from keeping the champion’s plaque in Hamilton.


The Horseshoe would not be possible without tremendous support. The “Y” replaced the court doors which reduced door hinders to a bare minimum and followed that with great help from the staff. Of course our volunteers we take for granted, but shouldn’t especially the ladies who put up with our addiction year-round and then come out to help at the tournament. Last, but far from least the participants who come out to contribute in some great handball. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL.


Open Singles: Round Robin: John Audet (Niag. Falls ON) def. Peter Service (Richmond Hill ON) 21-15, 21- 18. John Audet def. Adam Johnston (Hamilton ON) 21-5, 21-9. Peter Service def. Adam Johnston 21-2, 21-3. Champion; Audet.


“B/C” Singles: 1st Round; Steve Pribek (Batavia NY) def. Ivan Burgos (Fort Erie ON). Ryan Elliott (Fort Erie ON) def. Alam Burgos (Fort Erie ON) 21-13, 16-21, 11-2.
2nd Round; Elliott def. Pribek 21-11, 21-10.


Masters Singles: 1st Round: Sal LiPuma (Buffalo NY) bye. Art Avalos (Tor). ON) def. Steve Nowak (Burl. ON) 18-21. Mark Gronlund (Ham.ON) bye. Nasim Bajwa (Ham. ON) bye.
2nd Round: LiPuma def. Avalos. Bajwa def. Gronlund 21-5, 21-7.
3rd Round: LiPuma def. Bajwa 21-16, 21-18.


60 Plus Singles: 1st Round; Ivan Elliott (Fort ON) bye. Tom Ehrlich (Ham. ON) def. Fred Bowler (Pick. ON)21-13, 21-17. Brian Goto (Burl. ON) bye. David Wells (Fargo ND) bye.
2nd Round: Elliott def. Eurlich 21-1, 21-9. Wells def. Goto.
3rd Round: Wells def. Elliott 18-21, 21-14, 11-6.


70 Plus Singles: 1st Round: George Mcquillen (Tor. ON) def. Dave Dodds (Fenton MI) 21-8, 21-7. Pat Murphy (Fort Wayne IN) def. def. Mike Jennings (Pick. ON) 21-16, 21-13.
2nd Round: McQuillen def. Murphy 21-3, 21-13.
Consolation: Dodds def. Jennings 31-10.


Open Doubles: 1st Round; John Audet (Fort E. ON/Wally Oprezdek (St. Cath. ON) bye. Ivan Burgos (Fort Erie ON)/Alam Burgos (Fort Erie ON) def. Steve Pribek (Batavia NY)/Steve Rennie (St. Cath. ON) 21-15, 18-21, 11-9. Adam Johnston(Ham. ON)/Jennine Wilson (Pick. ON)bye. Ryan Elliott (Ft. Erie ON/Mark Polgrabia (Niag.-on-the-Lake ON)bye.
2nd Round: Audet/Oprezdek def. Burgos/Burgos. Elliott/ Polgrabia def. Wilson Johnston.
3rd Round; Audet/ Oprezdek def. Elliott/Polgrabia.


Golden Masters Doubles: 1st Round; Nasim Bajwa (Ham. ON)/Curtis Crocker (Ham. ON) def. Art Avalos (Tor. ON)/Ivan Elliott (Ft. Erie ON) 21-15, 21-14. Sal LiPuma(Buff. NY)/Rick Jackiw (Kitch. ON) def. Mark Gronlund (Ham. ON)/Steve Nowak (Burl. On) 21-10, 21-11.
2nd Round: Crocker/Bajwa def. LiPuma/Jackiw 21-15, 11-21, 11-4.


70 Plus Doubles: Round Robin: Dave Dodds (Fenton Mich)/Pat Murphy (Fort Wayne IN). def. Frank
Shimoda (Ham)/Alan Campbell (Ham). Dave Forbes (Ham)/Zoly Motoz (Ham) def.
Campbell/Shimoda. Dodds/Murphy def. Forbes/Motoz.
Champions: Dodds/Murphy


Happy Birthday

On September the 28th the Hamilton “Y” Handball Club had a fun doubles handball day to wish a belated happy birthday to our own Zoly Motoz. His birthday was in August, but there were conflicting dates – like three wall tournaments, so September. The hardest part was keeping it a surprise until the day, but we somehow managed it. Adam and Lila Johnston put the day together for Granddad.


It was a mix and match day (old –er and young) and was nothing but a lot of fun. I got to be a right court spectator to the seemingly inexhaustible Art Avalos energy, except when the shot went past him, then that was my shot. The best match was Adam and Zoly versus Fernado Burgos and Frank Shimoda. Now Zoly is eighty and Frank believes that age is just a number and his is unlisted, but close evened out the pairing. Zoly and Frank were getting in each other’s way trying to stay out of the way of Adam and Fernando.


There was a light lunch with a presentation of a monogrammed jacket. The day also raised $400.00 for the “Y”’s Strong Kids Program. All-in-all it was a super day with absolutely no losers only winners

Ontario Doubles 2014 Tourny Coming up!

Get your priorities in line. There’s plenty of time to finish Christmas shopping so put that aside and fill out your entry!

Deadline is fast approaching January 20th, 2014

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September Killshot

Check out the September edition of Killshot!


and 3 wall tournaments are included, as well as some news and notes from the OHA and CHA.
– Results of the Canadian Nationals, OHA 4 wall singles and 3 wall tournaments

– News from the OHA and CHA

– Junior Report

– And lots more!


OHA Tournament Dates

With the handball season ramping up, the OHA would like to announce the dates for this seasons events, so mark them in your calendars!


Ontario Doubles- Saturday January 25th/Sunday 26th (if needed)
Ontario Singles- Saturday April 19th/Sunday 20th (if needed)


Entry forms will be published shortly, so keep an eye out!

Big thanks to Scott Wilson!

The Ontario Handball Association would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott Wilson for his long standing dedication and hard work towards the Killshot magazine. Scott has spent countless hours writing, editing and organizing the magazine for Handball enthusiasts around the world to enjoy. After many years of his hard work, Scott has decided to step down as editor. We wish him well in his future endeavours and offer our sincere appreciation for his time and efforts.

Please stay tuned for the updated “KILLSHOT CORNER” which will appear on our website in place of the full magazine. This will feature current handball information, write ups, results,etc.

Yours in Handball,

OHA Executive